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George and David Lewis have been collaborating on their unique concrete sculptures and works of art since early 1992. They are both interested in the Classics. George has more than 45 years of experience in sculpting and painting. David worked for years as an archaeological illustrator. They live on a small island in the Puget Sound working in a studio surrounded by their gardens. In 2008 they sold their original garden and property and began the creation of a new garden/gallery which opens May 2010.

Their beautiful color-washed concrete sculptures and installations have been widely photographed and can be seen in many books, magazines, and on television. In 2005 they published A Garden Gallery: The Plants, Art and Hardscape of Little and Lewis (Timber Press). The best-selling book was awarded the Silver Medal for Best Garden Book of 2006 from the Garden Writer's Association. Their sculpture and paintings continue to be placed in private and public gardens and homes across the United States and other countries.

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